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The Construction Services Division specializes in all type of Telecommunication/Commercial Infrastructure. Our Construction Crews are known for their commitment to completing projects on time, at budget and ensuring our customer are 100% satisfied [more].

ATS offers reliable emergency power solutions. Our commercial generators are able to instantly and automatically start in seconds. We take pride in saying that our commercial grade generators are the epitome of reliable mechanical performance and dependability. [more].

The Telecom Services division provides turnkey repair and maintenance services for all aspects of the telecom industry.  Focusing on everything from tower maintenance and electrical service to landscaping and Network Integration, our team is a one stop shop for all cell site maintenance needs [more].

Weather extremes, accidents, forest fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes—even acts of vandals or terrorists—can impact part or all of a site. A building or tower can become damaged or destroyed, and as a result affect your site’s operation and create hazards that demand immediate attention. Our size and experience enables us to respond quickly and appropriately to clean things up and get you back online [more].

From humble beginnings in 2000, ATS has grown into a recognized industry leader in the Telecom and Commercial industries.  Beginning in Florida and Georgia, we’ve expanded our footprint over the years to include services throughout the United States as well as the Caribbean & Latin America.  Specializing in both construction and maintenance, we offer a unique single source solution, no matter how big or small the job.  At ATS, we are dedicated to serving our customers and our employees.  Our business was founded on relationships, and it’s our commitment to excellence that keeps us successful. [more]

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