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Our Story

From humble beginnings in 2000, ATS has grown into a recognized industry leader in the Telecom and Commercial industries.  Beginning in Florida and Georgia, we’ve expanded our footprint over the years to include services throughout the United States as well as the Caribbean & Latin America.  Specializing in both construction and maintenance, we offer a unique single source solution, no matter how big or small the job.  At ATS, we are dedicated to serving our customers and our employees.  Our business was founded on relationships, and it’s our commitment to excellence that keeps us successful.

The ATS Difference.

  • Customer Focused with a Quick Response to Customer Requests
  • Strategic Partner Relationships Provide Maximum Penetration throughout our geographic market
  • Expert Knowledge of All Site Equipment Ensures Immediate Problem Diagnosis and Repair, Maintaining Reliability, Integrity and Uptime
  • Proven Track Record of Reliable, On Time Service Throughout Multiple Market Areas
  • Simultaneously Web Based Access (24/7) to Site Data and Reports Including Photos


ATS is a full service equipment maintenance, repair and installation company dedicated to providing excellent value in everything we do. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our customers based on quality, safety, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, customers, vendors, and partners.


Through our united commitment to safety, quality and excellence; our customers will continue to choose us as their first choice solutions provider.

We will be regarded as experienced, reliable and professional among our community.

Our employees with thrive in an environment filled with respect, opportunity and appreciation. Our charitable efforts will grow congruent with company growth.

Our services will help provide a solid network which will create opportunity, connect people in personal and professional ways, and ultimately provide a lifeline in emergency situations.

Values: Our values serve as a compass for our actions.

Be the Brand. ATS recognizes that actions speak louder than words; therefore we relentlessly strive to for quality work and excellent customer service, thus resulting in a brand of integrity, reliability and commitment.

Appreciation Inspires. We strive for an environment that stimulates creativity, fosters growth and promotes passion for a job well done. Our efforts are endless to display appreciation for our employees, vendors and clients.

Focus. We focus on the needs of our clients, the market and stay insatiably curious for knowledge and growth. We focus to give our best.

Safety. Zero accidents are our unwavering goal. We are committed to training and re-training because you can never be too safe.

Value. We must create a product that increases in value as we learn each day. We will continually attempt to add value for our clients. To protect their interest- their success is our success.

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